The group’s members are selected not only for their technical expertise but for their reputation in the local business community.

LEI is a multi-national network of independent law firms providing legal assistance to clients of its member firms around the world. It was originally founded as Law Europe EEIG in 1991, when its founders decided to create a network of reliable and trusted law firms to which they could safely refer clients, and from which they could derive international business. At first limited to Europe, it is in the course of expanding to become a global network, covering approximately thirty jurisdictions, with more than 800 lawyers in member firms with a collective turnover of €150 m.

The strengths of LEI are:

  • The close and trusting relationship between member firms
  • The history of cooperation between them in winning international business
  • The substantial coverage of principal European business centres
  • The lower charge out rates than the largest international firms.
  • The Law Europe International mission is to be a leading international network of professional law firms providing clients with a comprehensive range of legal services wherever they operate.

Members of the network represent a substantial range of midsize and larger companies, many of which deal extensively in international business, in a wide range of sectors. In particular, they handle international banking and finance, transportation, agriculture and IT, real estate and infrastructure.

Among LEI members there are a number of major law firms outstanding in their own jurisdiction.