The objective of the Practice Groups is to promote the sharing of knowledge between specialist lawyers from different jurisdictions.

In a globalizing world in which many businesses are facing extremely tough conditions, going international should be part of their long term strategy. LEI is all about providing your business with a solid legal basis whenever it chooses to go international . But LEI is also about sharing the excitement and the challenges that go together with cross – border work and turning them into successful business.
We love to meet and work with foreign business people and lawyers and to build profitable long-standing relationships with them that often turn into long-standing friendship, because we firmly believe that going international is enriching people, not only from a business perspective but most of all as human beings. For me, this exciting exchange in order to build solid, long lasting and rewarding relationships is what LEI is all about.

Vogt, Resnick & Sherak has been a member of LEI for over 14 years. LEI has not only generated more clients for our law firm, but also provided an excellent network to assist our attorneys on international

Additionally, LEI provides access to recent articles written by fellow members and leading authorities on today’s most significant changes in international law. Our firm has greater leverage in the international market as a result of our membership